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Hawk-I creator Hugh Hull has more than 20 years experience building relationships and streamlining work forces as a successful recruiter, trainer and leader. A long-time construction company owner, Hugh is no stranger to the time and money wasting shenanigans that come part and parcel with running a crew. This experience motivated Hugh to build an employee accountability and hours management system. Introducing Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock! This mobile app and desktop dashboard system is designed to create accountability among staff, and showcase exemplary employee work and profitability.


Since its creation, Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock has processed hundreds of thousands of time cards for reputable companies, from small-scale shops to major business entities, so they can increase profitability and productive work-per-hour.


Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock was built, and continues to be streamlined by, a company that cares a great deal for the people on its teams. We strive to provide a place where your best employees are recognized, and where those employees who are not a good fit for your company can be made aware of their need to improve, and will ideally grow, gain clarity and be recognized for their performance.


Our competent professional team is standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have. We will do everything in our power to personally help you make the most of the Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock time management system.


Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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