Signing up for Hawk-I is easy!

Simply follow these steps:


1. Set up your company on the Hawk-I Dashboard


2. Select your preferred version of Hawk-I (Standard, Pro or Comanche)
Hawk-I is a month-to-month contract, with no long term commitment required. However, companies that experience the most success with Hawk-I use a strong roll-out to staff for at least 4 months for full adoption and integration. We strongly recommend this approach, and are happy to provide training and support for your team. Contact us to learn more!


3. Explore your Hawk-I Dashboard. At this central hub, you will find all the Hawk-I management tools, easy-to-follow instructions and videos to help verify time cards, eliminate mistakes, reduce management time, and track budgets and tasks.


4. Download the app for FREE at the iPhone App Store or Google Play


5. Start saving time and money today, managing all your team’s hours and work activity in real time from the convenience of your mobile device!



Have a question or concern about how to
integrate Hawk-I with your systems?


Our competent professional team is standing by, ready to help you make the most of the Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock time management system. We’ll even help you roll it out to your team, and to ensure success.


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