How it Works

Watch this short 3-minute video to learn how to get started:




The Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock time management system is comprised of two parts:


1. Mobile App:

Download the app for FREE to manage all your team’s hours and work activity in real time from the convenience of your mobile device.


2. Desktop Dashboard:

Visit this central hub from your desktop computer. Here, you will find all the Hawk-I management tools, easy-to-follow instructions and videos to help verify time cards, eliminate mistakes, reduce management time, and track budgets and tasks.



Using Hawk-I is easy! Simply follow these steps:


  • Set up your company on the Hawk-I Dashboard
  • Select your preferred version of Hawk-I (Standard, Pro or Comanche)
  • Explore your Hawk-I Dashboard.
    At this central hub, you will find all the Hawk-I management tools you need to start eliminating mistakes, reducing management time, and tracking budgets and tasks in real time.
  • Download the app for FREE at the iPhone App Store or Google Play
  • Start saving time and money today!
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